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KWC 2015 : FAQ's
The questions and answers below relate exclusively to the Indian Trials of the Karaoke World Championships.

  • [+] KWC Indian Trials Schedule?

    The Karaoke World Championships Indian Trials..Dates to be annouced soon.
  • [+] Who all can enter?

    The Karaoke World Championships Indian Trials are open to all Indian Citizens who are 18 years or older at the time of entry into the competition. Each entrant must be deemed an amateur performer as per the Conditions for Entry [+]

    For full clarification and further details regarding employees and family members of participating venues and karaoke Hosts entering KWC, please read the Conditions for Entry [+]

  • [+] Definition of amateur?

    Please read the Conditions for Entry [+]
  • [+] What if I am not an Indian citizen?

    Entrants in the Karaoke World Championships must be citizens of the country they are representing, therefore, all eligible entrants need to enter in the country where they are a citizen.

    Indian citizen is someone who was born in India and has a citizenship proof. This does not include permanent residents.

    The winner of the Karaoke World Championships Indian Trials will need to travel overseas on an Indian passport. Only Indian citizens can obtain an Indian passport.

  • [+] Am I eligible, how can I enter?

    Just drop in to the nearest KWC Official Venue on the karaoke night & participate in the KWC Venue Trials. Please refer the Event Venues & Schedule for more details.
  • [+] Why can't I use my MP3+G track or burnt karaoke disc?

    Due to copyrights and indistinguishable piracy (difficult to prove) ... MP3+G formats are not accepted unless accompanied with the original disc.

    KWC India support Karaoke Companies such as Laser Direct, Sunfly etc. without whom the karaoke industry wouldn't be where it is today. KWC India operators will have a comprehensive selection for singers to choose from and will therefore decline MP3+G and burnt discs. Original discs are acceptable if the operator uses a disc system.

  • [+] Processes after you win a Venue Finale?

    The top contestants of the Venue Finale will converge into a Zonal Trials which will be conducted in the closest Metro City.
  • [+] Processes after you win a Zonal Trials?

    The top 6 Zonal finalists in each zone will represent them in McDowell No. 1 KWC Indian Grand Finale and compete for the top prizes, which is KWC India Trials. The entire 24 contestant of four zones will now fight for the KWC Indian Trials 2015 tag.
  • [+] What happens after I win McDowell No. 1 KWC Indian Grand Finale?

    The winner of the McDowell No. 1 KWC Indian Grand Finale will become India's representative at the International finals for Karaoke World Championship!

    He or she will be required to travel overseas to compete against singers from 35+ other participating countries in the World Finals. India's Karaoke World Champion will need to have four (4) songs ready to perform at the World Finals and be required to travel overseas to the host country on the dates specified during the promotion of the event (in the year they have entered). Exact departure dates will be arranged after the announcement of the Indian winner.

    The McDowell No. 1 KWC Indian Trials Champion will be required to make themselves available for any media activities.

  • [+] As a venue manager or karaoke operator I would like to talk regarding the Karaoke World Championships.

    Please call our representative on +91.22.25645461 for instant inquiries

    Or simply email us on and we will promptly reply.

    We look forward to your participation.

  • [+] If the Competition Has Finished At The city Where I Entered & I Didn't Win - Can I Re-enter at Another Venue?

    CContestants can re-enter the competition if he/she wasn't able to attend in the Venue Trials, by participating from the other Venue/City.
  • [+] Do I need to own a passport to enter a KWC Indian Trials?

    No. It's not necessary however, you must organize one no sooner you win the Venue trials as you stand a good chance to win the zonal and finals.
  • [+] Do I need to have my own karaoke discs to enter?

    No. You don't need your own karaoke discs to enter as all operators will have a vast selection to chose from.

    If your song is a little obscure, you may want to check with the operator beforehand via our email : or call us on +91.22.25645461. To be sure, to be sure !

    KWC India will endeavor to have finalists' song choices available on their request.

  • [+] I am from the media and would like to speak to someone further regarding the Karaoke World Championships.

    KWC India welcomes interest from television, radio and the press.

    For interviews, articles and an immediate response please contact ...

    KWC India on +91.22.25645461

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