How to Record & Upload your Video
  • Record a HD quality video with a good background, proper lighting and good audio quality of yourself singing the song. Upload it on your Youtube Channel OR on Facebook by tagging "KWCIndia"

  • Please tell us in the description who you are, your age, occupation and which city within India you are representing and remember to use the following hashtags.

  • This is a good example for the post for video upload:

    "I am Kapil Sharma, 45, a comedian. I represent Goa at the Karaoke World Championship India. This is my entry for the #kwc2021 #karaokeworldchampionships #KWConline #singers #bestsingers #coversongs #amazingvoices #singing #singingcover #singingvideos"

    To-Do List before uploading!

  • Choose your competition song

  • Rehearse the song, think of how YOU would like to perform it

  • Shoot rehearsal videos of your song, listen to your sound and look at your performance

  • When you're ready: choose a nice location, check for enough light, set up your karaoke, camera, mic and record your video

  • Upload Video on your YouTube Channel or on your Facebook Page. Tag @KWCINDIA

  • Go to "Participate Now" page and Register for the KWC Global Video Challenge! [+]